Uzma Aslam Khan

Uzma Aslam Khan's Trespassing is marketed as a story of forbidden love in Pakistan between the Dia, the daughter of a silk farmer, and Daanish, the son of a journalist. Had the story remained focused on that storyline it might have worked better as a novel. Instead Khan spins a series of stories involving the main characters and the affair appears to be little more than the hook to link disparate stories together. Khan would have been better to focus on the story of Dia and Daanish and draw the other elements into the story of their romance, rather than telling the separate stories. Fiction that live in a halfway house between novel and short story collection can be fascinating when some purpose appears served by the disparate elements, but Khan's novel only appears united by a series of unlikely coincidences. The end result is the feeling of an author trying too hard and a publisher putting pressure to make a short novel longer for marketing reasons.

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