Wesley Chu
Rebirths of Tao

The Rebirths of Tao is the concluding part of the trilogy that garnered a Campbell Finalist placing in 2014 for Lives of Tao and a Campbell Award in 2015 for Deaths of Tao. It continues the story of the Quasings, who are millennia-old aliens that live inside human hosts. They are split into two groups: the Genjix who see the human population as pawns and the Prophus who fight against the Genjix and want to co-exist with the humans. Tao is a senior alien for the Prophus and the trilogy continues with the story of Tao and the human Prophus agent Roen. As in the previous outing there is a strong role for Roen's wife Jill and this time there is a key part for Roen's son Cameron.

The storylines around Cameron lead to a conflict in the narrative style. The first two books were adult-focused, but this concluding piece seemed unsure whether it was a YA or an adult book. There is also a tension because of a major plot twist at the end of Deaths of Tao. It is hard to say too much without giving a spoiler for those who have not read the second book, but suffice to say the feeling is given that the author may have rejected that plot twist and appears to be making the best of it here, but not entirely successfully.

Despite those problems this is a good action-packed conclusion to the trilogy that thankfully does not suffer from the overdose of playful humour that detracted from Deaths of Tao.

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