Jack Silkstone
Primal Inception

Jack Silkstone's Primal Inception is a prequel to his Primal series about a CIA paramilitary team telling the story of how two characters earned their call to duty. It is set in Kosovo two years after the Western-backed war of independence and deals with the CIA operatives Ice and Vance trying to right a wrong they witnessed while working with Albanian Kosovan revolutionaries during the war. After some early scene setting chapters the action becomes non-stop. The dialogue and sometimes the narration could do with some spit and polish, but fans of special forces style novels will probably revel in the action and forgive those weaknesses.

Be warned that the novel reaches its denouement much sooner that you are led to expect, because nearly 20% of this free book is taken up with a sample for a paid book. The novel is replete, especially in the early chapters, with hyperlinks to Silkstone's website, where you will be given information on armed groups or weapons. However, you only get to read the relevant pages if you sacrifice your privacy in the form of your email address, so that he can add you to his mailing list. As a marketing device this is a major fail. It ruins the look of the text and most of his target audience will know what these terms mean and if not know how to do an internet search. Such a blatant intrusion of marketing into the reading experience is a very poor move, especially when you are writing for fans of special forces novels, who often have very strong attitudes about information security.

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