Tom Schabarum
The Narrows, Miles Deep

Tom Schabarum's The Narrows, Miles Deep is an innovative novella about a gay man in Utah, Eric Morris, told via short talking head chapters representing the views of him held by family, friends, and work colleagues. It is the story of a returned Mormon missionary dealing with being gay in a socially and religiously conservative state. It is also a story about a group of gay and lesbian friends who enjoy the great outdoors, including the titular Narrows of Zion National Park. By being told through those connected in a variety of ways to Eric it allows Schabarum to explore the attitudes of both the socially conservative and the gay and lesbian friends in a manner that a more traditional narrative structure would not have allowed for. Overall a recommended read.

The subtitle is A Novella and Short Stories the short stories being "My Kid in Footlights," "The Road to Alaska," and "Follow Me Through," which also explore themes of being gay in Utah.

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