LE Waters
Infinite Sacrifice

LE Water's Infinite Sacrifice explores the theme of reincarnation through a series of short stories about characters from various historical settings: a male priest in Ancient Egypt, a mother in Leonidas' Sparta, an Irish boy taken into slavery by Viking raiders, and a young woman coming of age as the Black Plague hits London. The premise is given in the prologue as a requirement to re-watch your soul's previous lives if you wish to enter the afterlife. That includes the premise that there will be some repeating physical characteristics in the people central to the soul across different lives. The author is not content to let the story-telling to its work and let the reader think, but provides charts showing the connections in between the short stories and includes an epilogue that explains everything in great detail. The epilogue is quite preachy, so if you do not like spiritual fiction you might want to skip it.

The short stories are not well crafted and are over reliant on explaining the history rather than telling the story. Although the epilogue will link together the stories with clear cut ways of how you were supposed to understand the progression of the soul through these histories, the reincarnation theme is kept out of the stories themselves. So if you want to read a series of stories about these periods in history then you could do so even if you do not wish to read the spiritual teaching of the epilogue.

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