Ann Leckie
Imperial Radch Series

Ann Leckie's Imperial Radch began with the ground-breaking Ancillary Justice that created history by being the first to win the hat-trick of Nebula, Arthur C Clarke, and Hugo awards. Unfortunately the two sequels that competed the trilogy disappointed. Ancillary Sword read like the pilot TV episode of a series that was based on a great movie. It also came across as an answer to fandom questions about the wonderful but cruel universe that Leckie had created. In the process the actual story of an impending galactic civil war was lost. Ancillary Mercy concluded the trilogy in a manner that was only slightly better than its predecessor. The civil war does impinge on the latter half of the narrative, but it is very rushed and a weak ending to the trilogy. The civil war is, however, ongoing and the Imperial Radch series could do with some standalone novels to tell us more about the civil war's outcome. The particular story arc of the trilogy on the other hand is best laid to rest as it appeared to lose its way somewhere towards the end of the first novel.

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