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I am an author of fiction, and non-fiction, who publishes my books through my single author publishing business MMMporium. This author site is focused on all my writings. In the past this website has focused on just the fiction side of her work with separate websites for different non-fiction subject areas, but now everything is included in this one site. The only other site actively maintained is the MMMporium publishing site. Active is a relative term as my writing is now crowded out by my employment and no book was written or published in 2018. Hopefully something ressambling normal service will resume in 2019.


As part of the move to tsoHost the website has changed to an address of I still own, but it merely redirects to

This website has been moved to a new hosting service tsoHost, which is part of the Paragon group, which in turn is owned by GoDaddy. While the site beds into the new hosting service it may look a little weird. Please bear with me as I update the privacy notices to reflect the new host. All data continues to be served from datacentres in the United Kingdom.

My reviews of other authors' books had been removed as no new ones have been written in years, but I have relented and hope that I will find time to write some new reviews.



Preserving Eternity book cover


Make My Joy Complete book cover


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Forgiveness book cover


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Speaking of Men book cover

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